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Be Your #Selfie

Happy Faces of Wednesday GULP‘ING Pals. The GULPER of the week goes to the finest faces of friends (that is a lot of F’s) a girl could ask for…

BEFORE VIEWING: If you have not seen the below video by the Chainsmokers, please take a minute to thoroughly numb your brain and have a belly laugh..








Whats your best #selfie? Leave us with a GULP of a quack!


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Tucked-Letterpress By Katie Barr

“I like to be tucked away … it’s probably going to happen when my little ones are tucked in … and a tucked shirt means that you are neat and ready to go. I hope the vibe of Tucked is always like all of those moments … warm and crisp.”Katie Barr

Untitled (3)

The 4th GULPER of the week goes to Katie Barr, owner of Tucked, who offers the sweetest way to share an announcement. Tucked is truly a heart-warming way to send a beautifully classic hand-pressed letter.

0224(Photo by Jen Fariello)

Katie lives in her cozy home in Charlottesville, Virginia and has an unwavering love for her precious babies, and a passion for her recently founded letterpress business. Her classic pieces transform the bland Hallmark messages of  “Greetings” “We are Engaged!” or “We are having a baby!” to something more, something personal,  simple & chic. Katie unveils the true feelings and experience behind the common announcement.

pompoms(Photo from Anne and Bill Holland)

Tucked drives the meaning behind the three C’s, Clean, Classy, and Creative. As spring is upon us and wedding season lingers near, be sure to check out Tucked for announcements that your guests will keep on their fridge all year long. Contact Katie here.

photo(2)(Photo from Jen Fariello)

Thank you Katie for your work kissed with elegance and vibrancy. We look forward to calling upon you one day!

Lots of Love to your fantastic 5

Your GULP’ING good babysitters-


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Citizen Burger Bar and Albemarle Baking Company

We have another first everybody! This first is actually a tie breaker. Our GULPER’S (yes there are 2) of the week are Albemarle Baking Company and Citizen Burger Bar. Two of Cville’s dining gems!

Just over a week ago, and actually this past Monday as well, we had a wintery white haze dump a mass amount of coldness over Charlottesville, Virginia. Although being cooped up in your apartment with multiple episodes of New Girl and Dawson’s Creek on T.V. can be relaxing and enjoyable, (especially with your sistasista), let’s be honest here, it can also be straight up mind-numbing.


Luckily, we  decided to strap on our snow boots and long underwear and trudge into the wintery mess…


Although building this was a snowy day delight….IMG_0479

We decided to adventure on. A few ice bites and numb toes later…we sought and we sure did find to our surprise:

Citizen Burger Bar AND Albemarle Baking Company were..yes..that is right.. OPEN. A hot warm sticky bun and a tummy warming beer? Ohhh sweet mother of GULPS, we were floating on the many clouds of nine.


Albemarle Baking Company greeted us with the aroma of freshly baked goods from scones to macaroons. We were the only customers there, but boy was it a joy and a extra beat to the heart to have a warm baked good at your finger tips. I am pretty sure we were both salivating at the arrangement of pastries and cakes.


We traveled onward my friend..

Citizen Burger Bar gave us a happy ending to the white noise through a honey blonde ale and a hells bell. Oh what a beer can do for one’s soul. We were comfy, cozy, taken care of, and deliciously consumed by the warmth and cheer that this little Burger Bar fave offered us.


So cheers to you Citizen and ABC! We smile at our snow adventure that wouldn’t have been without your company.



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