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Be Your #Selfie

Happy Faces of Wednesday GULP‘ING Pals. The GULPER of the week goes to the finest faces of friends (that is a lot of F’s) a girl could ask for…

BEFORE VIEWING: If you have not seen the below video by the Chainsmokers, please take a minute to thoroughly numb your brain and have a belly laugh..








Whats your best #selfie? Leave us with a GULP of a quack!


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Baloo Knew

The 4 items that brought the bare necessities to life. Could YOU do it?

1. Microwave. That’s right, I do not have and or currently own a microwave. Popcorn on the stove? Ahhmazing. Pizza re-heated in the oven? Even better. One year added onto my life because of lack of radiation? I will take it. Cooking everything on the stove/in the oven is dramatically satisfying and therapeutic.


2. Dishwasher. Ok, ok, I know several of you citizens do not own a dishwasher, but its turned into a karaoke gone dance party for me. A clean freaken’ dish to my liking with Van Morrison substituted for the background dishwasher music? Sweet as tupelo honey I tell ya. My hands sure don’t ever break down and my dishes are always sparkling. No need to wash twice.



3. T.V…..dot. dot. dot. WOAH. I am sure there is some aspect of a shock to those Duck Dynasty gurus out there. I am GULPING, reading, baking, adventuring, exercising, jigging, juking, harmonizing, playing dress up… Need I say more?

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4. Electricity. Candle light has made me appreciate our ancestors. Bring on those Yankees.

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Ok #4 was a joke, but out of the three which could you not live without?

Leaving you with a GULP of simplicity.


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Beets and pudding filled Doughnut’s Emily..

My co-worker’s face looks like he has just put a war-head into his mouth and his body is clenched like he is about to vomit. Beets and Doughnuts make him cringe due to a memory from child-hood that involved a heavy beet diet from Ma’ and jelly filled questionablness. He will not and cannot imagine consuming another.

Mountain Dew and Cottage Cheese w/ Tomatoes does it for me.


Mountain Dew: 13 year’s old, Christmas Eve, At home with Gran, Unable to eat the crab dinner, suffering from “up goes the window in-FLU-Enza.” I can remember the green drink as I chugged it down to replenish my pruned up body. It sat in my stomach. The rest of it is history that I am sure many of you would love me to be spare the chunky details. I will not ever again Do the Dew because the Dew certainly did me.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Cottage Cheese w/ TomatoesHot summer days, 20 years old, Best friend’s recipe to die for, Fredericksburg, Va, Skipping class, Wal-Mart groceries, Broke, and a Bottle of red wine vinegar. Oh how I loved every second of it. I loved every second of it so much that I ate it every day M-F. Cottage Cheese w/ Tomatoes tonight for dinner? HECK NO. The sound and picture of it together makes my abs contract in revolt-ion. I loved until I hated.


Those memories tied with food, either good or bad are simply enjoyable to re-visit. To laugh at another, to shed a tear, to punch a wall, to squirm together because of a food borne memory is a gift.


Grapefruit, Warmed, with Raw Honey OR Brown Suga: 15-16 years old, High-School mornings, Broken toaster oven, Ma’s lovin, Hyundai Elantra, Baby fat, Too early of a wake up call, Abercrombie and Fitch, 953 Tanglewood Road, M still asleep, Dad’s morning car ride discussions. Tempted by the fruit of my mother..Okay kind of weird, BUT it makes me warm inside to recall these memories and also hummin’ a lil’:

“Grapefruit, bathin suit, you chew a little juicy fruit
Wash away the night
Dive in, you guzzle gin, commit a little mortal sin
its good for the soul”

Good for the soul indeed Jimmy.

Leaving you with a moment to find your food-borne memory and my Big Girl Baked Mango Stuffed Grapefruit recipe.

GULP of times passed.


Big Girl Baked Mango Stuffed Grapefruit

photo (2)

(yields 1)

1 Ruby Red Grapefruit

5 Chunks of Frozen Mango (I used Trader Joes)

Raw Honey or Organic Brown Suga

1 Tbsp of Coconut if desired

Pinch of Sea Salt

Set the oven to the broil setting. Slice grapefruit down the middle. Use a sharp knife and cut triangles along their edges and just where the grapefruit meets the outside white part. Slice mango chunks into small shavings. Cut a whole in the middle of the grapefruit. Stuff grapefruit with mango shavings. Sprinkle with coconut if desired. Take the pinch of sea salt and sprinkle over both halves. Drizzle raw honey and or brown sugar over both halves. Broil for 10-12 minutes until grapefruit is warm and or the brown sugar is melted on top.


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