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Be Your #Selfie

Happy Faces of Wednesday GULP‘ING Pals. The GULPER of the week goes to the finest faces of friends (that is a lot of F’s) a girl could ask for…

BEFORE VIEWING: If you have not seen the below video by the Chainsmokers, please take a minute to thoroughly numb your brain and have a belly laugh..








Whats your best #selfie? Leave us with a GULP of a quack!


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Huckberry is like your favorite store, your grandpa’s favorite store, and your favorite magazine all rolled into one.”


Our third GULPER of the week goes to the coolest site since sliced bread–Huckberry. Rated as one of the top 10 places for men to shop by Men’s Journal, Huckberry is where its at. Not only should the site be recognized for its diverse line of fight-for-the-last-one products, but also for the righteous blog that familiarizes the consumer with what they are purchasing.


Huckberry enables its members to get up close and personal to those dream about voyages, while also receiving insider deals to actually rush home at 5’o’clock for. It is a product that will kick your adverture-some heart beat up a notch, while making your bon-voyage a sail of a lifetime.

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1488223_10201083157712144_1328360358_n (2)

537525_3349931478144_1975400615_n (2)

So get to planning that trip to the moon fellow mates! Just make sure to check out Huckberry to make your travels smooth and your inspiration colossal! A special thanks to our cousin Andy for bringing a little fortune and fame to the Forch name. Huckberry has certainly been a GULP of motivation for your C’ville wogs:)

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Hats off to you Huckberry–we look forward to our shopping journey ahead.

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Gus Who?

For you local C’ville townies out there, here’s a question: When you think of “late-night” food, what really makes you salivate?

Okay well maybe for you…

392403_3349928678074_499129829_n (2)

BUT for me, I’d say nothing beats the little hole in the wall on UVA’s Corner like¬†White Spot. A barber shop turned late night burger palace, it’s known for its famous burger–the Gus Burger. It is a Burger. Egg. Double Burger. Double Egg. Cheese. French Fries. Onion Rings. G-U-S B-U-R-G-E-R. Did I say Eggg?

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Don’t let the exterior fool you. This hidden gem is a late night delight. Stumble inside, grab a stool at the counter, and order the famous burger w/ egg. This combination is magical. Although weary at first, one bite and you will be hooked. It’s just like that chicken and waffle duo that has transformed the meaning of BRUNCH.¬†Oweeee I am getting excited for Saturday.


This place should seriously earn a spot on Diners, Drive-In’s, and Dives. It’s certainly a dive with late night burger and fries to actually get excited about in the taxi ride over.

IMG_2341 (2)

It’s one of those places where you see an old friend, start slingin’ burgers with the guys, laugh at the pictures of other people on the wall, and watch the college freshman’s pupils dilate when they bite into this C’ville favorite for the first time.

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Oh and don’t even bother looking at the menu–just say “I’ll have the Gus pleassse.” Leaving you with my healthy version of the Gus: No Bull Gus recipe. I used No Bull Burgers which are a favorite of mine. You can find these on the East Coast, but locally as well:


  • Whole Foods
  • Rebeccas
  • Integral Yoga Natural Foods (Try their smoothies)
  • C’ville Market
  • Market Street Market
  • Foods of All Nations
  • Relay Foods
  • Horse and Buggie


  • The Nook
  • South Street Brewery
  • Rapture
  • Trinity
  • Beer Run
  • Bodos Bagels
  • UVA Hospital Cafe

A GULP of munchies later:



Yields 1

1 No Bull Burger

1 Slice of Turkey Bacon (Leave the bacon out if you want to make it vegetarian)

1 Handful of Arugula

1 Egg

1/2 Avocado Sliced

Ground Pepper

Cook the No Bull Burger according to the package. I baked it, but you can fry or microwave. When it is halfway done, start cooking the turkey bacon. Once the bacon is cooked, crack the egg (I made it sunny side up). Place the Arugula on plate. Place burger on plate. Top with bacon, egg, and avocado. Grind the pepper. (Also good with siracha if you want to spice things up!)

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