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Be Your #Selfie

Happy Faces of Wednesday GULP‘ING Pals. The GULPER of the week goes to the finest faces of friends (that is a lot of F’s) a girl could ask for…

BEFORE VIEWING: If you have not seen the below video by the Chainsmokers, please take a minute to thoroughly numb your brain and have a belly laugh..








Whats your best #selfie? Leave us with a GULP of a quack!


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Baloo Knew

The 4 items that brought the bare necessities to life. Could YOU do it?

1. Microwave. That’s right, I do not have and or currently own a microwave. Popcorn on the stove? Ahhmazing. Pizza re-heated in the oven? Even better. One year added onto my life because of lack of radiation? I will take it. Cooking everything on the stove/in the oven is dramatically satisfying and therapeutic.


2. Dishwasher. Ok, ok, I know several of you citizens do not own a dishwasher, but its turned into a karaoke gone dance party for me. A clean freaken’ dish to my liking with Van Morrison substituted for the background dishwasher music? Sweet as tupelo honey I tell ya. My hands sure don’t ever break down and my dishes are always sparkling. No need to wash twice.



3. T.V… dot. dot. WOAH. I am sure there is some aspect of a shock to those Duck Dynasty gurus out there. I am GULPING, reading, baking, adventuring, exercising, jigging, juking, harmonizing, playing dress up… Need I say more?

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4. Electricity. Candle light has made me appreciate our ancestors. Bring on those Yankees.

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Ok #4 was a joke, but out of the three which could you not live without?

Leaving you with a GULP of simplicity.


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I love to run. I love to jump. I love to plank. I love anything that gets your heart rate bumpin’ and leggies’ movin’. I am a land-based exercise lover. Well now-past tense- “was” on.


I experienced a bump in the freaken’ road with injury. A stress fracture. Probably could be classified as the Runner’s Voldermordt of injury. No running for at-least a month? Now I am no all-star runner, but I know you fellow runners feel that GULP of a pain in your tummy right about now.

283_1022690775259_8409_n (2)

So I got me those goggles, flippers, and suit and just started swimmin’. Well Aqua-Jogging to be exact.

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Horses and Uber-Ultra-Marathoners Aqua-Jog to keep up fitness? Yeah right, I thought. I pictured an elderly lady with a swim cap bobbing up and down in the pool.

I felt like a fish without water. If a horse can do it so can I, I think? So I gave it a try and I Aqua-Jogged for 30 days. Those 30 turned me into an Aqua-Jogging Nemo.

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What a workout AND you get to wear a sweet water belt?


Not only did I stay in the running shape of my liking, but I also felt even stronger hitting the pavement then I did pre-injury…

(Even with my eyes closed)


So for those of you who are struggling with an injury that requires no high-impact exercising for a lengthy amount of time, tighten that water belt and slide on in. All you have to do is get to the other side of the pool and remember don’t. GULP. the. water.

Leaving you with an Aqua-Jogging Workout and an Energy Boosting Edamame Recipe

A Successful GULP later-


HARD=As hard as you can possible imagine or fathom
Warm-Up: Jog Easy For 5 Minutes
1 Minute Hard, 1 Minute Easy X 5
1.5 Minutes Hard, 1 Minute Easy X 4
2 Minutes Hard, 1 Minute Easy X 3
3 Minutes Hard, 1.5 Minutes Easy X 3
Cool Down: Jog Easy for 5 Minutes

Energy Boosting Edamame

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1 Bag of Frozen Edamame (I used Whole Foods Brand 365)

1/2 Cup Balsamic Vinegar: Thicker the better

1 Tbsp Cumin

1 Tsp Sea-Salt

1 Tsp Ground Black Pepper

Follow instructions on frozen bag to cook edamame to perfection. Let cool. Soak edamame for 20 minutes in balsamic vinegar. Drain vinegar from edamame. Add remaining spices and mix well.

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